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Welcome to Rough x Tumbled! My name is Mackenzie and I'm so glad you're here!

Rough x Tumbled was created in 2018, as a "why not go for it" idea. Since then Rough x Tumbled has quickly been a favorite for bohemian, minimalist and pampas lovers alike! ​

Our Pampas Suns came alive when I wanted to handcraft something for my own home. I wanted something minimal, able to brighten up the room and made with natural materials. Outdoor elements have a feeling of life and serenity and that's exactly how I wanted these pieces to make your home feel, with that extra flair of trendiness of course! ​

My love for interior decorating has made me expand my shop to seasonally curated, one of a kind items handcrafted by artisans around the world, making your bedroom, office, kitchen, or sacred space seem more like you without the hassle of traditional shopping. ​

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Whether you just discovered Rough x Tumbled or are a returning customer, my gratitude is with you and your shared love for unique finds and natural, earthy decor to create a truly unique space that feels organic, original, and like you.

Wishing you a little sun or something one of a kind, from my home to yours. ​


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